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Preventative Maintenance


Our Preventive Maintenance Programs are designed around your company and its Material Handling needs. Depending on use, environment, and type of equipment, Precision Equipment can help you determine the most effective and cost efficient plan for your company.


The specific purpose for our maintenance is to warrent equipment saftey as well as cut down on repair costs and prevent lengthy equipment down time.


Having a PM Program can also assist in the prevention of expensive repairs such as engine replacement or electrical drive motor repairs. It will also allow you to forsee any upcoming repairs, which lets you schedule those repairs around your company's budget.


After a PM checklist is done on your equipment, a proposal of all the repairs that are needed are explained to you verbally. If requested, a written proposal will be drafted and sent to you explaining all the parts needed, labor hours required and the estimated price (which are within 15%). It is at this time you may schedule the repair(s), if so desired, being already aware of the estimated costs.

On-Site or In-Shop Services


Precision Equipment, LLC., supplies a variety of services to help you and your company manage your material handling needs. Competitive rates and an outstanding service record are just a few qualities that we can offer to aide you in maintaining your equipment at a high standard without damaging your bottom line.


Our mechanics service all makes of forklifts, from domestic, foreign  gas, LP, & electric. Eighty-five percent (85%) of all work is done at the customer's location. As for the remaining fifteen (15%) shop service is available providing the extensiveness of the repairs needed. Precision Equipment monitors all the service done to each piece of your equipment to ensure proper repair was done the first time, trying to prevent repeat service.


If repeated service is done within 30 days under warranty specifications, you the customer, will not be billed.




Service Check Points:

1. Radiator Level and Hoses

2. LP Lines and Tank Mounting

3. Change Engine Oil

4. Engine Oil Filter
5. Air Induction System

6. Fan and Power Steering Belts

7. Battery Level, Connections and Cables

8. PCV Valve

9. Hydraulic System Oil

10. Transmission Oil Level

11. Clutch Free Play

12. Master Cylinder Level

13. Shift Linkage and Adjustment

14. Drive Axle Oil Level


Engine Tune-Up:

1. Spark Plugs (Replaced if needed)

2. Check Compression

3. Plug Wires

4. Distributor Cap

5. Rotor

6. Ignition Operation

7. Carburetor Operation

8. Ignition Timing


*PM Different for Electric Trucks.

Preventative Maintenance Programs Include:


Visual Inspection:

1. Oil Leaks

2. Tires

3. Tilt Cylinder Leakage

4. Lift Cylinder Leakage

5. Carriage

6. Forks/Locks

7. Seat


Operational Inspection:

1. Engine Performance

2. Brake Pedal/Wheel Lock-Up

3. Inching Pedal

4. Directional Levers

5. Drive Line Operation

6. Parking Brake

7. Steering Operation

8. Hydraulic Control Levers

9. Instruments

10. Saftey Equipment

11. Tilt Cylinder Extention


Lube All Service Points:

1. Mast Components

2. Steering Linkage

3. Steer Axle

4. Directional Control Linkage

5. Pedal Linkage

6. Mast Channels

7. Lift Chains

Labor: $89.00 hourly
PM Service: $78.00*
Travel: FREE!
 (No travel is ever charged to any of our valued customers.)
*Plus supplies used
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